Congratulations come in order for Dan Gheesling !

The Big Brother winner and his wife Chelsea Gheesling have welcomed their second daughter or son into the world.

“Welcome to the world Miles Glen Gheesling , ” he Tuesday. “Your Mom and I (and Des ) love you so much! ”

The newborn arrived at 10: 07 a. m. PT, weighing 9 lbs., 2 oz ., Dan tells E! News exclusively.

Before learning to be a father of two (and sharing an exclusive photo from the delivery room with E! News), Dan opened up about how his family was preparing to welcome another family member. Since it turned out, the couple’s son Desmond was more than ready to be a big brother— no pun intended.

“He is such a kind little boy and such a joy in our lives. We think that he understands there is a baby coming when he points to mommy’s belly and says ‘bay-bee, ‘” Dan shared with us. “As a family, Chelsea and I have been putting a lot of thought into how we exactly introduce Desmond to the new baby, as well as making Des feel a part of the process of adding another member to our family. I believe he’s going to be a great big brother! ”

Courtesy of Dan Gheesling

As for Chelsea, Dan was in awe of watching his wife balance being pregnant, raising an one-year-old, running a and her very own .

“It’s amazing to think how she does everything, and so well all the time. Chelsea is definitely so positive even when she is juggling 10 things at once, ” that he gushed. “The pregnancy has been a tiny bit different because it is the second baby, so we have an understanding of what things to expect throughout the process. ”

Fans first met Dan back in 2008 when he competed on— and won— season 10 of CBS’s long-running reality show Big Brother . After being the runner-up in season 14, many fans still argue that he is one of the best contestants to ever step foot into the house.

Ultimately, Dan’s greatest accomplishment may just involve his family that he loves spending time with. And while parenthood can bring its challenges, the good always outweighs the tough moments.

“Every day it is something new! It could be a new word Desmond says that we have no idea where that he learned it from, or starts dancing randomly, or flexing his muscles for the babysitter unprovoked— we really enjoy watching him grow and develop into his own unique personality, ” Dan shared with us. “Raising Desmond and the new baby is the better challenge of our lives, and I’m lucky to have Chelsea because the best teammate and wife on the planet to raise our children together. ”

Congratulations to the entire family on their big news!