Bill and Melinda Gates say they’re concerned about a few of President Donald Trump’s policies plus statements. Here are excerpts from their latest interview with The Associated Press:


Bill Gates says he is met with Trump twice given that he took office. The Microsof company co-founder hasn’t asked Trump in order to sign “The Giving Pledge, inch a movement Gates founded that will asks billionaires to commit to giving most of their wealth to charitable organization.

“We’ve never had a direct discussion about that, ” Gates said. “It’s always a voluntary thing, so that as I do dinners, I meet with many people but never discussed it along with him. ”


Melinda Gates, who left her work at Microsoft to raise their 3 children before turning to the foundation full-time, has lately embraced her function as a public figure more boldly. The girl called out Trump’s behavior, which includes what she described as his routine of using Twitter to strike women and minority groups.

“Those types of comments just don’t belong within the public discourse, ” Melinda Entrance said.


Bill Entrance is among the billionaires who have advocated to get more taxes on the wealthy. He says Trump’s tax overhaul mostly benefits companies.

“We’ve in a broad sense stated taxes should be more progressive, which was not a move toward getting more progressive. ”


Melinda Gates says some of Trump’s responses about women have troubled the girl, but his rejection of the “feminist” label has not.

“Some men have problems – and some women, quite frankly : have trouble embracing that expression and what it means, so that honestly would not bother me. It’s more the particular comments he’s made over and over again regarding specific people or minorities or even women that just do not reveal the values I see across the United states of america. ”