DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. (AP) — Ralph Earnhardt passed away in 1973, almost a full 12 months before his grandson was born. Dale Earnhardt Jr. had seen pictures of his grandfather and believed stories about the first racer within the family, but he never experienced as if he knew the man.

After that Dale Earnhardt Sr. discovered video footage the Earnhardts believe is the just known video of Ralph Earnhardt speaking on film. He had been interviewed after a race at Charlotte now Motor Speedway, and Earnhardt Sr. popped the tape in for their son to watch.

“We were sitting down in Dad’s office in DEI and he said ‘You are going to notice Ralph Earnhardt talk, and you are likely to hear him talk and this may be the only footage that exists. ‘ So me and Dad sitting there and watched it. I put seen pictures of Ralph, I had formed no idea what he sounded such as and I had no idea what their mannerisms were like and in that will moment, I was meeting him. inch

Earnhardt recalled that moment together with his father, watching the grandfather this individual never met, in an interview with all the Associated Press about a new Goodyear commercial that will air during the Daytona 500 on Sunday.

The spot is known as “Make a Name” and respects the Earnhardts’ long relationship using the tire maker. A. J. Croce covered his late father’s track, ‘I Got A Name, ‘ for the commercial, which depicts a new Earnhardt idolizing his father, developing into his own role as a speed, and now shifting in retirement to some job in television.

The Goodyear blimp will feature #MakeAName rather than its usual brand name at the Daytona 500, where Earnhardt is the fantastic marshal.

Earnhardt has always been careful regarding incorporating his father, a seven-time champion and Hall of Famer, into his own marketing. Earnhardt Sr. was killed in a crash for the final lap of the 2001 Daytona 500.

His son went on in order to win two Daytona 500s yet retired at the end of last season due to a history of concussions. He’s now wedded, expecting his first child this particular spring, and transitioning into tasks outside the race car.

This Goodyear script was a winner for your pet, though, because he’s long sensed a connection to the Croce song also because his family had such a solid relationship with the tire company. Whenever Goodyear battled Hoosier in the short tire war to hit NASCAR, Earnhardt Jr. said his father has been one of only two drivers to stay loyal to Goodyear.

“I actually try to stick with things that are informed in a way that I am celebrating him, plus Goodyear and his relationship with Goodyear was really strong when he has been racing, ” Earnhardt Jr. mentioned. “I’ve always been mindful of people saying I rode on his coattails. Trying to find aware of that my whole profession and I don’t want people to believe I’ve ever taken advantage of my last-name, or done anything that my Dad wouldn’t appreciate.

“I just go from my gut feeling. If it seems weird or uncomfortable, or is not really something I’m proud of, then I simply don’t have to do it. I’m in a great financial position. I don’t need to be on the market selling my father. He’s not my own to sell. ”

Earnhardt was happy with the finished Goodyear spot, and understands the importance of imagery and video clip in capturing the essence associated with his family. His sister’s kids never had a relationship with Earnhardt Sr. Neither did his spouse, and his unborn daughter will never understand her grandfather.

“We have to consider our best to paint this image for them and one of the greatest types of this is when Daddy showed me the particular Ralph Earnhardt footage, ” Earnhardt said.

Seeing the material won’t bother Earnhardt. But he accepted that talking about his childhood, or even recalling his father, can be difficult.

“I get emotional when I talk about this. I don’t get emotional when I view it. When I sit down with Kelley and talk about our childhood or even Dad, it always gets psychological. It always does, ” this individual said. “It’s sad sometimes. After i have my daughter, it will be extremely sad thinking about Dad, wishing can see what I was able to accomplish, the person I have become, having a child. I simply would love if he could meet the girl and see what’s going on. ”

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