Rhino Conservation Botswana

is preparing to experience another adventure in The african continent.

E! News offers learned the royal family member is within Botswana to do some important work with animals in need.

“Prince Harry is in Africa to get a private working trip, focused on businesses working in conservation across the region plus learning more about the issues affecting animals in the region, ” a Kensington Structure source shared with us. “Prince Harry holds official associations with 2 conservation charities in Africa, because Patron of Rhino Conservation Botswana and President of African Recreational areas. ”

Earlier this particular month, Rhino Conservation Botswana do in fact that Knight in shining armor Harry would become a Patron associated with RCB. With this role, Prince Harry will help raise awareness of the plight associated with Africa’s black and white rhinos and encourage positive action.

“The rhino is one of Africa’s most iconic species. This is a dark rhino, an animal that deserves the most respect, so to be able to be sitting down next to her is incredibly unique, ” the prince shared inside a short film during his last go to. “The black rhino has been reintroduced into Botswana and its numbers are usually increasing here, while numbers are usually decreasing elsewhere. If we can’t conserve these animals, what can we conserve? ”

While wasn’t part of this trip, she has previously appreciated time in Botswana with her fiancé.

Last August, the particular pair headed to Africa to commemorate the Suits star’s . Along with celebrating with friends, the few also traveled to Okavango Delta that is known as one of Botswana’s final remaining great wildlife habitats.

And when news out of cash of the duo’s , E! Information learned that Meghan’s ring features a which has truly been a special place to get Prince Harry since he was obviously a child.

“I’ve already been lucky enough to visit Botswana for more compared to 20 years and am incredibly lucky to be able to call it my second house, ” Prince Harry previously discussed. “Being Patron of RCB is definitely an opportunity to give something back to the country that has given so much in my opinion. It’s about time we start celebrating plus supporting the countries that are taking lead in conservation. ”