JERUSALEM (AP) — Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, combating for his political life right after being accused of taking bribes from billionaire supporters, is no unfamiliar person to scandal.

Over a three-decade politics career, Netanyahu has been accused of all things from accepting improper gifts in order to spending too much public money upon ice cream to wasting tens of thousands of bucks on a custom-fitted bed for a five-hour flight to London. Close confidants and even family members have also come below suspicion.

With cat-like deftness, Netanyahu has always managed to escape criminal prosecution. But the latest scandal may be the many serious threat yet to their lengthy rule.

Police announced past due Tuesday that there was sufficient proof to indict Netanyahu for bribery, fraud and breach of rely upon a pair of cases.

In the first, he could be suspected of accepting nearly $300, 000 in gifts, including bubbly and fancy cigars, from The show biz industry mogul Arnon Milchan and Aussie billionaire James Packer. In exchange, Netanyahu allegedly lobbied U. S. authorities on Milchan’s behalf in an australian visa matter and helped promote their business affairs in Israel.

Within the second case, he is suspected associated with offering preferential treatment to a paper publisher in exchange for favorable insurance.

Netanyahu has angrily rejected the particular accusations and denounced what he or she describes as an overzealous police analysis.

In a televised address Tuesday night time, he said he had faced fifteen investigations over the years, all of which, he stated, amounted to “nothing. ” He or she similarly predicted the latest uproar would certainly pass.

For the time being, Netanyahu’s job continues to be secure, with his coalition lining upward behind him as opponents desire him to step aside. Their attorney general, Avihai Mandelblit, will review the evidence and make the ultimate decision on whether to press costs – a process that is expected to consider months. That means Netanyahu faces a hard period ahead as his every single move will be clouded by the pending investigation.

Here is a look at some of the scams that have plagued Netanyahu, his along with his confidants over the years.


During his first expression in office in the 1990s, Netanyahu was suspected of engineering the particular short-lived appointment of a crony because attorney general in exchange for politics support from the Shas party. Prosecutors called Netanyahu’s conduct “puzzling, inch but stopped short of filing fees.


During that exact same stint as prime minister, Netanyahu and his wife Sara were thought of taking gifts he obtained from world leaders – products considered state property. The Netanyahus also were suspected of agreeing to favors from a contractor. Both instances were closed without charges.


Netanyahu was thought of double billing travel expenditures and using state funds to cover take a trip for his family in the 2000s, while he was finance ressortchef (umgangssprachlich) and opposition leader. After an extended investigation, the attorney general terminated the case.


Sara Netanyahu has faced repeated accusations of mistreating household help. Throughout their first term in office, the particular family’s nanny said she had been fired by Netanyahu’s wife just for burning a pot of veggie soup. The young woman said she has been thrown out of the family’s home without having her clothes or passport, plus later was ordered to pick up the girl belongings dumped outside the front door. Netanyahu’s office said the woman has been fired because she was susceptible to violent outbursts.

More recently, a Jerusalem labor court awarded $30, 500 in damages to a former worker of the first lady who stated he faced yelling and irrational demands. Last month, a documenting emerged of Sara Netanyahu shouting at an aide as she lamented that a gossip column about the girl did not mention her educational qualifications.


Within 2016, an official expense report discovered that Netanyahu spent more than $600, 000 of public funds on the six-day trip to New York, including $1, 600 on a personal hairdresser. 3 years earlier, he was chided with regard to spending $127, 000 in public money for a special sleeping cabin on the flight to London. Netanyahu stated he was unaware of the cost plus halted the practice. He furthermore halted purchases at his preferred Jerusalem ice cream parlor that 12 months after a newspaper reported his workplace ran up a $2, seven hundred bill, mostly for vanilla plus pistachio.


Israel’s attorney general announced last drop that he is considering charging Sara Netanyahu with graft, fraud plus breach of trust for claimed overspending of over $100, 500 in public funds on private foods at the prime minister’s official home. At the same time, the attorney general terminated allegations that the Netanyahus used authorities money to buy furniture for their personal beach house and used condition funds to pay for medical care for Sara Netanyahu’s late father.


Last month a documenting surfaced of Netanyahu’s eldest boy, Yair, joyriding with his wealthy close friends to Tel Aviv strip night clubs in a drunken night out in a taxpayer-funded government vehicle. The 26-year-old Netanyahu has drawn criticism over the years with regard to living a life of freedom at taxpayers’ expense, hobnobbing along with ultra-rich donors and making primitive social media posts, all while by no means holding down a job.


Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman, a Netanyahu confidant, was thought in a long-running corruption case associated with illicitly receiving money and washing it through shell companies within eastern Europe. In 2012, Israel’s lawyer general dismissed the most serious costs, saying the case would be virtually not possible to prove. A report at the time stated he noted that key witnesses lived outside the country, that Lieberman’s lawyer had invoked the right to stay silent, and that two key witnesses had died while a third acquired disappeared. Lieberman was indicted upon lesser graft charges. That situation forced him to step straight down as foreign minister, but this individual was ultimately cleared and came back to the post a year later.


David Bitan, certainly one of Netanyahu’s closest allies, resigned since coalition whip in December due to accusations that he accepted bribes as a city and county politician. Bitan has invoked their right to remain silent during recurring police interrogations.