feels “hurt” right after being accused of sexual wrong doings by several women, while their friends are worried about him when he has retreated from the public eyesight amid the scandal, which comes  at the height of awards period.

Earlier this week, right after Franco appeared at the   wearing a pin helping sexual harassment victims and also gained an award, two former performing students  made comments on Tweets accusing him of sexual misbehavior, while  Breakfast Club star  Ally Sheedy , who  the actor got directed in an off-Broadway play, used hashtag #MeToo— used to describe sex misconduct or support victims— inside a tweet criticizing him.   on  The Late Show Along with Stephen Colbert , saying, “The things that I heard that were upon Twitter are not accurate. ”

On Thursday, the   cited Franco’s  two former students along with three  more as saying  the actor  acted in a sexually unacceptable way towards them.   Franco’s attorney, Michael Plonsker , disputed all of the women’s accusations.

“He has gone in order to great lengths to be more self-reflective and self-aware and accountable, inch a longtime friend of Franco’s told E! News exclusively. “He has taken responsibility for his living and his actions. He is really harm because he didn’t know that we would maintain a place where giving someone the voice would be giving someone this license to speak without any accountability. inch

Amid the accusations,   on Thursday, when he won  the award for Best Actor just for his role in The Disaster Artist .

“James is not doing well today, ” another source told Electronic! News, adding that he has “literally has gone non-existent” and that “his good friends are really worried about him. ”

The source added that Franco  had changed his phone number and it is only in touch with a few people he’s shut with.

Paul Drinkwater/NBC

Last year, Franco told magazine that he offers “started a new chapter” of their life, saying, “I was quite work-addicted, and addicted to other things— not substances, I got over that the long time ago— but I’ve lately changed my life, and this is element of my therapy. ”

The second source told Electronic! News that Franco “is sober now but his close friends are actually worried he’s going to jump back upon that bandwagon especially since he or she just shut himself in. inch

“He isn’t going to know what he is going to do following but he knew something like it was going to come out sooner or later, ” the origin said. “As soon as the story lowered, he was scared there would be those who spoke out about him as well. He called a lot of people he believed would speak out and attempted to maneuver the story and try to beat this. He didn’t know they would particularly do this but he knew individuals would come out somehow. ”

One of Franco’s former performing students who spoke out,   Sarah Tither-Kaplan , informed the  Los Angeles Times that late last year, right after dozens of women made ,   the actor  apologized for making her feel unpleasant.

“I want to provide him credit for at least being available to communicating with me, ” she stated. “I felt that he was nevertheless not really taking accountability for the atmosphere on the sets. ”

Another former acting student that spoke out,   Purple Paley , said on Tweets and in her interview with the  Los Angeles Times that she and Franco got had a consensual romantic relationship but from one point, he allegedly  forced her into performing oral sex upon him. She said that after the Weinstein allegations were reported, she e-mailed Franco to express her anger plus sadness over his alleged remedying of her and that the two later talked by phone and he tried to create amends.

Franco’s lawyer denied Paley’s allegations,   informing the  Los Angeles Times they are “not accurate. inch