could not help despite the fact that gush about his “niece” , and just how much my starlet reminds him of an individual’s and her biological father, .

“She is wonderful in her very own right, ” he  told Age! News in a sit-down interview.

Despite meeting the Scream Queens  famous person when she was just a when young girl, he lost touch via Fisher for a time and the  Star Wars  actor becomes that he finally got to know  Billie  when she starred alongside her and her mother as Lieutenant Connix in Celebrities Wars: The   Force Awakens . Hamill depicted his regret about the time when he not to mention Fisher were not in contact, saying, “I feel badly that I wasn’t in front of him for my niece. ”

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Luckily, with Billie’s character strumming a more prominent role in the Last Jedi film, he has been able to hook up with her and, in doing so , needs realized just how similar the actor is to her mother and grandma, .

“There is so much of Carrie in the her and so much of Debbie Reynolds in her, ” he alleged.

Hamill reminisced the times when he and Fisher the particular inseparable, and he would spend time with gets results and her mother in Malibu and New York. It was during these minutes together that  he was able to observe  how “bright and bouncy” Reynolds seemed in comparison to her “dark while down” daughter.   He  joked  that  her  mother and  grandmother  were like  “fire and cold, ” but that the introduction of  Billie  to the family provided an  “anchor in Carrie’s life. type

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In addition to singing his good remarks about Lourd’s personality, he gave a high praise her professionally, applauding her tasks in Scream A queen and American Horror Story: Cult the way any proud person would.

The high profile also took the opportunity to apologize so that you can Lourd for his “cheap joke” about her being like him / her mother, saying, “I have been causeing this to be terrible joke about how they said, ‘ She is so much like Carrie, ‘ and I said, ‘ Yeah you think she is late all the time. ‘”

He clarified that she is the fact is “very professional. ”

Star Wars: The Last Jedi  premieres nationwide in theaters concerning December 15.

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