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paid up.  

More than a year ago, the Oscar winner visited  ‘ daytime set for an interview. At that time, she was pregnant with the girl second child and the curious comic wanted to know the sex of child number two. Portman claimed to not know what she was having, yet DeGeneres had an inkling the celebrity was going to have a girl, so the 2 agreed to a bet: $1, 500 dollars… and pizza. “Food-related wagers I will always take, ” Natalie portman quipped at the time.  

Well, fast forward two months afterwards and the  Jackie star Amalia Millepied . Needless to say, the comic emerged the champion of their wager. On Wednesday, the women reunited once more on DeGeneres’ set to talk the girl upcoming movie,   Destruction — and for the sponsor to collect her winnings.  

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“I said it was a girl, ” DeGeneres recalled. “And you were correct, inch Portman confirmed.  

The actress also admitted in order to secretly knowing what she was getting at the time. “I maybe did, but on the other hand didn’t want to tell everybody on the planet, ” the star admitted. “I still made the bet mainly because I thought it would show either way easily didn’t. ” 

Because of this, Portman made a $1, 1000 donation to the E , which her wife  Portia de Rossi recently launched to her to support worldwide conservation efforts for critically decreasing in numbers species.

As for Natalie portman, she’s certainly a woman of the girl word!