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PYEONGCHANG, South Korea (AP) — Nigeria was successful the Olympic women’s bobsled competition.

Yes, really.

That sentence will be 100 percent accurate – albeit which includes massive reservations. The Nigerians had been the second sled down the track within the opening heat of the women’s competitors at the Pyeongchang Olympics, and within the first few turns of the program they actually were going together faster than the Korean sled that will preceded them.

So yes, these were winning.

“I know! ” initial Seun Adigun shrieked afterward, overjoyed by the notion.

Of course , after that fast flirtation with the lead, their sled bounced off the roof and started the inevitable freefall to final place.

Briefly leading, finishing final, none of that was the point Tuesday night time. Simply getting to the Olympics continues to be victory enough for this Nigerian group, three women who live in the particular U. S. and have backgrounds consist of sports before deciding to try slipping – and now, officially, are the initial bobsled to represent Africa for the sport’s biggest stage.

“There had been some good things, ” Adigun stated. “One of the biggest things that jooxie is trying to do from the beginning is display people how important that it is to be non selfish and what it means to also take action bigger than yourself. And I think that will right there has been the objective and what individuals have been able to receive from our time at the Olympics. ”

The final 2 runs are Wednesday night. For that Nigerian sled to not finish final, they’ll need someone ahead of these to make a massive mistake.

Again, that is certainly irrelevant.

They have been rock stars with these Olympics, for all the right factors. Athletes of all sorts – man, female, white, black – possess wanted hugs and selfies, that is all the vindication the Nigerians have got needed to show that this foray had been worthwhile.

“It’s great to see that will, ” U. S. bobsledder plus 2014 bronze medalist Aja Evans said of the added diversity Nigeria’s presence brings to a sliding globe that has seen plenty of athletes associated with color make serious splashes during the last couple decades. “The world’s lastly catching up and realizing the all across the board. It’s incredible to be a part of that. ”

May possibly be what is known as a “mixed zone” just for reporter-athlete interaction at the Olympics, an area where athletes parade past digital and print media for a number of interviews after their events. Once the Nigerians were done Tuesday evening, the overwhelming majority of the mass media contingent left with them – a long time before the leaders of the race came along for their interviews.

“When people discuss sports right now, they’re talking about bobsled, ” Nigeria brakeman Aduoma Omeoga said.

Most, it seems, are referring to Nigerian bobsled.

And that simply produces Adigun’s expectations away.

“We nevertheless are trying to cope with it, ” Adigun said. “We like to be more low-key, but we know that when we came into this particular whole process it was to bring consciousness. If people are excited about that, we all can’t now revert back and enter our shell. ”

There’s a good way to go before they’re competitive. Every single sled that qualified for the Olympics could take six official education runs in Pyeongchang over the last couple of days, and Nigeria beat none of them within those training runs.

But the enhancement could be seen even over the course of these six minutes or so on the snow. Nigeria was 3. 07 mere seconds behind the leader in the first teaching run. By the sixth and last training run, the margin among first and last was right down to 1 . 69 seconds.

That’s substantial improvement, and that’s been the point associated with giving teams like Nigeria the opportunity to qualify and compete at the Olympics. There’s already been a Nigerian ladies skeleton athlete and a men’s skeletal system racer from Ghana on this exact same track. None of them had much possibility of winning, but having them in the video games may plant the seeds designed for something good to happen years through now.

“This is such a learning contour for us being here, ” Adigun said. “We have to start someplace. ”

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