is calling out a good unnamed magazine for body shaming her by refusing to run  a cover pictorial  of her, declaring she did not fit into sample dimension clothing.

The 25-year-old Danish model, who has appeared within publications such as Sports activities Illustrated Swimsuit   plus Maxim   and ad campaigns for brand names such as Victoria’s Secret and Bebe, made her comments on Fri on  , alongside  an unnamed journal photo of herself posing nude in a pair of blue jeans.

“Today, I’m disappointed plus appalled at the still very severe reality of this industry, ” the lady wrote. “A few months ago, We agreed to shoot with a creative group I believed in and has been excited to collaborate with. When our agent received an unapologetic e-mail concluding they would not run our cover/story because it ‘did not reveal well on my talent’ plus ‘did not fit their market, ‘ the publisher claimed my appear deviated from my portfolio which I did not fit into the (sample size) samples, which is completely false. inch

Toby Toth/Getty Images for Sports Highlighted

“If anyone has any kind of interest in me, they know We are not an average model body — I have an athletic build plus healthy curves, ” she stated. “After a tough year of having a step back from the insensitive and impractical pressures of this industry and coping with paralyzing social anxiety, I strolled into that shoot as a twenty five year old WOMAN feeling more comfortable within my own skin and healthier than in the past. Some days I’m a sample size, a few days I’m a size 4, several a 6. I am not constructed as a runway model and have certainly not been stick thin. Now nowadays, I embrace my curves plus work diligently in the gym to remain strong and most of all, sane. inch

Agdal said she actually is proud to say her body “has  evolved from when I started this insane ride as a 16 year old FEMALE with unhealthy and insufficient ways of eating. ”

“So, pity on you and thank you to the author for reaffirming how important it is to reside your truth and say this out loud, no matter who you are or exactly what size, ” she said.

Agdal said she released the “to draw awareness and assistance of an issue that’s bigger than simply myself and affects so many people not simply in the fashion industry, but in common, with the goal of bringing females from all over together in a special event of our bodies. ”

“Let’s find ways to build one another up instead of constantly finding methods to tear each other down, ” the girl said. “#bodyshaming #bodyimage #selfimage #dietculture #mybodymybusiness. ”