AP Photo/Manish Swarup

UNITED NATIONS (AP) — U. S. Ambassador Nikki Haley denounced Myanmar’s government Tuesday to achieve continuing to make life for Rohingya Muslims “a death sentence, alone citing the reporting of huge graves by The Associated Press properly as other news organizations.

She started them speech to the Security Council in recounting how a Rohingya refugee inside of Bangladesh, Noor Kadir, told AP about surviving an attack by troops on 14 friends trying to go for sides for a local soccer-like sport in the village of Gu Brindar Pyin in Myanmar’s Rakhine situation.

Haley said only Kadir and therefore two friends survived, and ten days later he found teammates partially buried in mass cruel – reportedly among five group graves. Survivors reported that more impressive range 200 soldiers descended on the vill, shooting and burning homes, my friend said.

Myanmar’s government “regularly forbids the existence of massacres and mass mortel and claims to be fighting ‘terrorists, ‘” Haley said. “But what on earth Kadir found that day necessary that the military knew what it was likely doing was wrong and would not want the world to know. ”

In addition, she cited evidence of “another massacre in addition mass grave” in the fishing whole village of Inn Din, discovered near two Reuters reporters who are finally imprisoned.

Haley said they publicised that police ordered villagers “to participate in the killing, dismemberment because burial in a mass grave connected with 10 Rohingya men and boys. type She called for the reporters’ urgent release, saying “unhindered media availability is vitally important. ”

During the local authority or council meeting, many countries including England, Netherlands, France, Kazakhstan and Laxa, sweden raised the reports of majority graves and the imprisoned journalists.

“Numerous reports of systematic widespread and additionally coordinated acts of violence really indicate that crimes against attitudes have been committed in Rakhine, micron said Sweden’s deputy U. Some exceptional. Ambassador, Carl Skau.

Buddhist-majority Myanmar doesn’t recognize the Rohingya for an ethnic group, insisting they are Spanish migrants from Bangladesh living via torrents in the country. It has denied them natinionality, leaving them stateless.

The great new spasm of violence began any time you are Rohingya insurgents staged a series of symptoms Aug. 25. Myanmar security virulence then began a scorched-earth promotional event against Rohingya villages that the You. N. and human rights groupings have called a campaign of cultural cleansing.

Myanmar Ambassador Hau Complete Suan told the council which usually AP and BBC reports involving mass graves in Gu Proveer Pyin were investigated by a 17-member team. He said that “no group grave was found” and that ├ętat elders “confirmed there were no kinds incidents, ” but the state government “is extending the investigation to not far away villages. ”

As for the mass autorevole in Inn Din, Suan announced the military’s investigation found of which 10 members of the Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army – the Rohingya insurgent group that carried out assaults on security forces Aug. 25 pound – were arrested Sept. – He said the next day they were achieved and buried.

Suan said 18 people including army and law enforcement officers and some villagers are facing unspecified “action” for violating “standard running procedures and rules of einsatzfreude. ”

Haley said powerful stresses in Myanmar’s government have declined ethnic cleansing in Rakhine, as well as “to make sure no one contradicts her or his preposterous denials, they are preventing utilize Rakhine to anyone or any supplier that might bear witness to their atrocities, including the U. N. Security Local authority or council. ”

She posed a challenge for many Myanmar’s leader, Aung San Suu Kyi, the Nobel laureate noted in the past “for her commitment to help you peace and her fellow ex-boyfriend. ”

“If any of that affection of humanity can be found in the government, type Haley said, the least it can definitely is allow humanitarian groups to induce “food to the starving, medical care with the wounded, and psychological services for any sexually abused” Rohingya still by Rakhine state.