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STAVANGER, Norwegian (AP) — Norwegians generally reside longer than Americans. There’s an ample safety net of health care and pensions. And although it’s pricey, the nation last year was named the most happy on Earth.

President Donald Trump states the United States should take in more Norwegians, but is it any wonder that will more Americans are going the other method?

The country of 5. 2 mil people that seldom makes global head lines awoke Friday to the news that will Trump wanted to have more immigrants through Norway, rather than Haiti and nations in Africa that he disparaged using a vulgar term.

The comments came right after Trump met Wednesday with Norwegian Prime Minister Erna Solberg within Washington. His remarks were observed in Oslo as racially charged plus sharply at odds with Norwegian values of inclusivity.

“This states a lot about what Trump thinks this means to be an American. It is more about racial than shared values, ” stated Hilde Restad, an associate professor within international affairs and a former Oughout. S. resident.

She added that will Norwegians generally didn’t want “to be flattered by this Oughout. S. president in this way. ”

Henrik Heldahl, a commentator for the politics website Amerikansk Politikk, said the particular sentiment would have been welcomed within Norway had Trump used much less coarse language for Haiti plus African countries.

He said “it could have been a compliment and a good sending off for Erna Solberg as a trusted U. S. companion, ” Heldahl said. “But the way in which he said it guarantees how the reaction here will be very harmful. ”

Emigration from Norway towards the U. S. hit its top in 1882 when almost twenty nine, 000 mostly poor Norwegians entered the Atlantic. In 2016, nevertheless , only 1, 114 Norwegians moved to the particular U. S., while 1, 603 Americans moved to Norway.

Trump’s feedback were unlikely to trigger a good exodus from one of the wealthiest nations in the world.

Oil-rich Norway ranks 4th in the world for GDP per individual, according to the World Bank, compared with the particular U. S., which was eighth. Norwegian also boasts an universal health care program, low unemployment and $1 trillion “rainy day” fund fueled simply by its offshore oil and gas resources in order to pay for generous pensions and other interpersonal welfare programs.

Norwegians also have the life expectancy of 81. 8 many years on average, making them the 15th longest-living people in the world, according to the World Wellness Organization. The U. S. is within 31st place, with a life expectancy associated with 79. 3 years.

“Why would individuals from Norway want to immigrate right here? They have actual health care, and lengthier life expectancy, ” author Stephen Ruler wrote on Twitter.

Last year, Norwegian soared to the top slot on the planet Happiness Report. The U. H. was 14th in the latest position, down from No . 13 within 2016, and over the years Americans continuously have been rating themselves less content.

Not that the Nordic land associated with Edvard Munch’s “The Scream” is a best paradise: It’s gloomy from an insufficient sunlight for most of the winter, temperature ranges are comparable to the northern United states of america, and the cost of living is high — a beer can cost as much as $12, and so can a meal at McDonald’s.

It also is not as ethnically homogenous as some might think. About seventeen percent of inhabitants are migrants or children of immigrants.

Norwegian has its own battles over foreign-born migrants, with the populist Progress Celebration – a junior partner within the ruling coalition – calling for any tightening of immigration controls.

Solberg’s U. S. visit was hailed as a success in Norway exactly where she was praised for increasing issues around climate change plus international trade. But immigration made an appearance not to have been on the agenda.

Alfredia Tybring Gjedde, the Progress Party’s head of foreign policy, stated Trump was stating that “citizens of other countries are not because nice as Norwegians. ”

“I would never express myself in that way, however it is flattering that he wants really us in the country, ” he stated, adding: “Asylum seekers are expensive and also a challenge to the culture. ”

Nationwide Norwegian broadcaster TV2 went to the particular streets in Oslo on Fri, asking people if they wanted to proceed to the U. S. None stated they wanted to leave.

“Absolutely not really, ” one unidentified man mentioned. And an unnamed woman additional: “If they get a new leader. ”