Michael Rozman/Warner Bros.

There were a ton of moments you noticed during the , but we’re willing to bet this particular wasn’t one of them.  

While people all over the country watched    as the year’s  Cecil M. DeMille Award honoree, they certainly didn’t see  sitting next to the mogul within the sea of stars inside the Beverly Hilton Hotel.  

Well, fortunately for fans everywhere, the particular daytime host had the video footage ready to share on Tuesday.  

“There was a good awkward moment for me when Reese Witherspoon was giving the Cecil B. DeMille Award, ” the girl told her audience.   “I can’t say for sure if you saw it or not, however it was— it was embarrassing.  

In the video, the two women are sitting alongside as DeGenerous, donning a spectacular evening get-up, hilariously thinks the particular actress’ words are about the girl. It isn’t until Witherspoon addresses Winfrey by her name that the comic realizes what’s going on, picks up her handbag, grabs the champagne bottle from the table and leaves in a huff.   Awkward!

Despite the mix-up, DeGeneres provided this year’s host her stamps of approval.  

Seth Meyers I thought did a great job— very, very funny, ” the girl complimented. “I enjoyed it a great deal. ”

As for the award, almost always there is next year, Ellen!